Product Overview

Unlock new app revenue with Google AdMob smart segmentation

Unlock new app revenue with Google AdMob smart segmentation

Powered by Google’s advanced machine learning technology, smart segmentation enables you to identify and monetize app users who are unlikely to spend in your game.


Maximize the LTV of your app

If you rely on in-app purchases (IAP) as a main revenue source, chances are most of your app users will not choose to spend. In fact, a recent study shows that for the mobile games market, less than 4% of gamers make in-app purchases. To maximize total revenue and the lifetime value (LTV) of your app, you'll need to find alternative ways to monetize these non-purchasers while keeping a good user experience for the purchasers in your game.

With AdMob smart segmentation, you can unlock new revenue by monetizing the non-purchasers with ads while preserving an ad-free experience for the purchasers.


Optimize performance and app user engagement with rich analytics

With smart segmentation, AdMob’s rich data will help you measure and optimize ad performance, including daily user engagement, average AdMob ads revenue per daily active user (ads ARPDAU), prediction module accuracy, and more.


Simple and easy setup

Simply link your app to Firebase and smart segmentation will take care of the rest. AdMob’s machine learning model will use your app’s historical purchaser data to predict whether a user is a likely purchaser or non-purchaser, and will only serve ads to predicted non-purchasers.

We've been looking for a way to improve non-spender monetization. Smart segmentation helped us personalize ad monetization for non-paying players automatically . We loved how convenient it was, and the best part was that it didn’t hurt IAP revenue.

Maria Tyutina, Head of Monetization, Game Insight

Getting started is easy

Simply sign in to your AdMob account, create an interstitial ad unit, and look for the ‘Smart segmentation’ setting. You can also visit the AdMob Help Center for more details.