Get started with bidding

In a few steps, you can set up bidding to work alongside other ad sources to fill ad requests. Here’s how to get started:


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Sign up with the Google Account you use for your existing Google Ads and AdSense accounts. If you don't already have these accounts, we'll help you create them.

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Add your app details

Whether your app is published on an app store or still in testing, you'll need to add your mobile platform and app name to start the app readiness process. All new apps must undergo an app readiness review before they can fully serve ads.

Add app details

Create a mediation group

Mediation groups are combinations of targeting settings that you define. You can add your ad units and ad sources to the groups you want, instead of setting mediation options for each unit individually.

Create mediation groups

Set up ad source partnerships

Get started with bidding by signing partnership agreements with ad sources. Some partnerships can be set up directly in AdMob, while others can be as simple as creating an account on the ad source's home page.

Select an ad source

Start using bidding

After you've created a mediation group, you can select ad sources to bid on your ad requests. Once you've implemented any necessary SDKs and ad unit mapping, bidding will work alongside other ad sources, like waterfall mediation.

Enable bidding

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