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White Tiles 4 Grows Revenue By 130% With AdMob Video Interstitials

White Tiles 4 Grows Revenue By 130% With AdMob Video Interstitials


Brighthouse, a Shanghai-based game developer, had been building PC games for nearly 10 years when the mobile app industry began to boom. Seeing the potential for growth, the company decided to shift its efforts to developing mobile gaming apps. Brighthouse created White Tiles 4, which launched in April 2014 and sought generate revenue. With help from Google AdMob, Brighthouse maximized revenue from White Tiles 4 while enhancing user experience.

Monetizing a widely loved game

White Tiles 4 is a game where players work to avoid touching the white square shown on the screen. Featuring more than 153 modes and the ability to play multiple modes at once, the versatile game engages users of all ages. Given the game’s habit-forming nature and broad appeal, White Tiles 4 was a hit for Brighthouse

Naturally, the team wanted to find a way to incorporate ads so that the game could begin to drive revenue. Brighthouse turned to AdMob for with ad formats that would fit in with White Tiles 4’s gameplay.

Smoothly implementing interstitial ads

White Tiles 4 combines simple design with rich gameplay, and requires a high degree of concentration. Given this design, the team chose to implement AdMob video interstitial ads at key moments during gameplay to provide players with a brief, much-needed break from heavy focus. Working closely with the AdMob team, Brighthouse customized its ads to create the desired user experience.

The team also also drew on actionable insights from AdMob and Google Analytics to understand how users interacted with the app and ads -- which helped Brighthouse maximize its earnings. With AdMob’s high-performing ad formats and large network scale, it was a win-win for players and for Brighthouse.

Engaging ad formats drive impressive results

Since getting started with AdMob ads, Brighthouse has experienced a 99% fill rate, exceeding its expectations.  After implementing AdMob video interstitial ads in White Tiles 4, app traffic increased by 20% while revenue generated by the app increased by 130%. AdMob interstitials now account for 60% of app income. Brighthouse’s fast growth has driven the team to expand from 20 employees to nearly 100 within the last year.

Our team could never have grown to this size without AdMob. AdMob provides effective coverage as the world’s largest mobile platform while also delivering a great ad experience.   As a growing game developer looking to boost revenue, Google has been a fantastic partner for us.

Boxun Wang, CEO, Brighthouse

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