Discover the AdMob advantage.

Designed with developers in mind, AdMob helps you earn more app revenue, deliver a better user experience, and surface actionable insights — all with automated tools that do the hard work for you.

Discover the AdMob advantage.

Maximize your ad revenue.

As one of the largest global ad networks, AdMob works with millions of advertisers to compete for your ad space, while you stay in full control of the process, to maximize your earnings.

Google Ad Networks

Generate more demand.

Choose the best performing networks for your location and ad formats from over 100+ networks around the world.

Unified auctions with Open Bidding

Earn the highest CPM for every impression.

By calling all participating networks simultaneously, your ad sources can bid on each impression in real time, ensuring you always get the highest-paying advertiser.

Live CPMs

Maximize your earnings.

Pull in real-time CPM data directly from advertisers so you can save time, make more money, and eliminate costly mistakes.
Partner Ad Networks

Enjoy high fill rates.

Because we also sell ad space in real-time to programmatic buyers, you can enjoy some of the highest fill rates in the industry, worldwide.


Get all the ad formats you need for your app.

Find the right combination of ad formats to integrate with your app to help you earn more while enhancing your user experience.

native ads

Deliver a seamless user experience.

Customize ads for your app to provide a great user experience. We’ll send you the ad components for your native app code for ads that look and feel like a natural part of your app.

rewarded ads

Maximize engagement and ad revenue.

Your users can choose to engage with a video ad in exchange for in-app rewards, or opt out at any time. These rewarded ads optimize your app revenue and keep your users happy.

Interstitial and Banner Ads

Use flexible formats for a perfect fit.

Our banner ads expand to full screen when tapped and automatically resize as the user rotates their device. Interstitials appear at natural breaks or transition points, creating engaging brand experiences without disrupting the flow of your app.


Get actionable insights.

AdMob offers smarter analytics and reporting features — like ad request level revenue data directly in Google Analytics for Firebase — so you can make better decisions for your app.

Google Analytics for Firebase integration

Get free, unlimited analytics with Google Analytics for Firebase.

Link your app to Firebase to unlock new insights that will help you earn more and make better apps. You can even build audiences in Firebase to segment your users, then view reports to understand which ones are earning you the most revenue.

Customizable Reporting

Discover the insights that matter to you.

See all of your revenue streams in one place, including advertising earnings and in-app purchase revenue. With Google Analytics for Firebase integration, AdMob automatically converts impression-level ad revenue into Lifetime Value and Average Revenue per User metrics, allowing you to build customized ad experiences for each of your audience segments and track value growth.


Let us do the hard work for you.

Make your everyday tasks easier with our automated tools. In minutes, you can set specific controls tailored to your app and your audiences. Then, sit back and benefit from the built-in safety standards of Google.

  • Review your ads in one convenient place.
    Ad Review Center

    Review your ads in one convenient place.

    Take control over the ads that appear in your apps. Review individual ads shown in your apps and decide whether to show them in the future. You can even block ads from AdWords advertisers that have shown ads in your apps.

  • Control the type of ads that display on your app.
    blocking controls

    Control the type of ads that display on your app.

    From one easy-to-use dashboard, you can automatically block ads by advertiser URL, category, or ad network, as well as app promotion (or “click-to-download”) ads, ads pertaining to sensitive topics, and more. It’s also easy to filter ads that are rated unsuitable for certain audiences.

  • Protect your app with built-in brand controls.
    Brand safety

    Protect your app with built-in brand controls.

    Google works hard to maintain a brand-safe environment for advertisers and publishers to buy and sell ad space. Google display ads provide a safe marketplace across audiences and locales, so you can rest easy knowing your brand is in good hands from the get-go.

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