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Mobile App Developer Business Kit - Section 1

Mobile App Developer Business Kit - Section 1

A lot goes into taking your app from an idea to a product that drives a successful business. That’s why we’ve put together the four-part Mobile App Developer Business Kit. Whether you’re creating your first app or are a seasoned mobile app developer with a suite of apps, this Mobile App Developer Kit can help you grow and optimize your business, from best practice tips, advice from experts, and data on global app usage to ways to improve functionality and how to market your app.

Section 1 Introduction

How do you turn your passion for app development into a serious business?

You've been stuck by a brilliant idea for an app. Fast forward a few months - you’ve built the first version, friends and family have been testing it and given great feedback, and you think you’re ready for users around the world. But you’re not exactly sure what the best way to release it is, and what to do next.

The Business Kit is a guide for entrepreneurial app developers to turn their app into a successful business. It has four sections packed with tips and advice from expert developers and industry leaders.

Thinking Big - From an idea to an app

Understand the principles for success and hear advice from some of the world’s top app developers.


Attract more users, expand into more markets, and use analytics to improve your app. How to go from one great app to a portfolio of great apps and important considerations for expanding your business.

Key takeaways

Nine tips to help you become a more successful developer.

Why apps, why now? In a word - growth. Annual global revenue for apps is forecast to climb to $188.9BN by 2020. [1] What’s driving this enormous growth? Three important trends:

The appetite for smartphones is immense. Smartphone users worldwide have grown from 2,448.1 million to 2,659.8 in 2018 -- and predicted to grow to 3,322.4 by 2020[2]

People are spending more time on mobile devices. Mobile is becoming the most popular way to get online, exceeding time spent using desktop computers.[3] In the US, people spend on average 3 hours a day on a smartphone using apps or browsing web during 2018, a 34% increase year over year.[4]

Users love apps. Time spent on mobile apps increased by 50% from 2016 to 2018.[4] Mobile app downloads worldwide reached 194B in 2018.[4]

The ways people use apps continue to evolve, which offers significant business opportunities for mobile developers. But understanding each market and how to engage users and keep them happy is crucial to building a successful and sustainable mobile app business.

How to use the App Developer Business Kit

Broken up into three parts, the following sections of this Kit mirror the growth of an app-centric business. Read the chapter that reflects the challenges you face today, then come back to the Business Kit for more advice as your app business progresses.

We encourage you to use the Kit as a guide and reference as you grow and scale a successful app business.

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