Maximize revenue from your app with real-time bidding

Earn the highest CPM for every impression.

By calling all participating networks simultaneously, your ad sources can bid on each impression in real time, ensuring you always get the highest-paying advertiser.

App bidding benefits

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    Maximize revenue

    Boost total earnings through real-time bidding with access to the largest ad sources.

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    Simplify mediation

    Save time adjusting complex waterfall setups so you can prioritize developer resources.

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    Long-term sustainability

    Leverage a safe ecosystem that establishes trust and supports user retention.

Earn more revenue and boost your business

AdMob hosts a fair and real-time auction for participating advertising sources to compete for every ad impression in your mobile app. This ensures you always get the most value for your inventory.

Work with exceptional app bidding partners

Bidding gives you access to an extensive list of premium bidding partners, with easy-to-manage relationships and more people eager to buy your impressions and connect with users.

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