Success Story

Balloon Island grows revenue 150% with AdMob

Balloon Island grows revenue 150% with AdMob


In 2011, Tenny Woo began developing gaming apps on the side to express his creativity. Today, he is the Managing Director of Balloon Island, a successful Hong Kong-based mobile gaming company with more than 1 million downloads of popular games like Ultimate Jewel, Star Gems, and the Lollipops series. After seeing rapid growth, Balloon Island needed a global partner who could help monetize its success.

Focused on the player experience

For Balloon Island, keeping players entertained and engaged is the key to success. To accomplish this, Balloon Island developed apps for both Android and iOS to make their games more widely accessible, and deliver a great experience to all players.

However, the team still needed to connect with target audiences on a global scale. Woo knew from past experience that reliable partnerships are critical to achieving business goals. As such, Woo turned to AdMob because of its strong reputation for support and massive global reach.

With AdMob taking care of the revenue part, we can focus on doing the fun part , which is making great games for our users.

Tenny Woo and Frankie Lee, Director and CTO, Balloon Island

Implementing natural ads

Balloon Island wanted to earn money while providing a high-quality experience for players. At first, the team was concerned that ads could interrupt gameplay and lead to poor user experience. To avoid this, Balloon Island used a combination of banner and interstitial ad formats, showing relevant messaging and creatives to players while keeping the user experience intact.

Balloon Island implemented AdMob banner and interstitial ads to show relevant messaging to players while maintaining a positive user experience. Next, the team optimized its revenue generation with AdMob Mediation. As a result, revenue for Balloon Island grew 150% and ad inventory increased to more than 4 million units daily.

Growing revenue

After implementing ads, the team took advantage of AdMob Mediation to make sure it received the most money possible for its ad space. This strategy enabled Balloon Island to grow revenue by 150% and increase its ad inventory to more than 4 million units daily. The strong revenue profile has helped the company continue its steady growth.

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