Success Story

Liquidum Limited grows revenue 8x by leveraging AdMob and Google Analytics

Liquidum Limited grows revenue 8x by leveraging AdMob and Google Analytics


Liquidum Limited’s most popular app, The Cleaner for Android, is a phone management utility that allows users to monitor and control the activity of apps running on their phone.

A new model

The founders of Liquidum saw stunted growth early on within the company. Unable to reach a global audience and increase mobile app revenue, they ultimately decided to shift from premium business model that charged users to download the app to a freemium model.

Optimizing for big success

To monetize their now-free app, they implemented AdMob interstitials into their utility app. The team was concerned that ads would hurt user retention, but found instead that retention increased slightly.

We are very happy with the current interstitials implementation in The Cleaner. According to our Google Analytics metrics, we haven’t seen any decrease in retention at all since we introduced interstitials. In fact, we’ve seen retention go up slightly from 45% to 48%. We think this reflects the quality of the ad implementation in our product, as well as the quality of the ad targeting itself.

Tuan Bach Quoc, Application Development Director, Liquidum Limited

With AdMob’s stable integration and proven performance, Liquidum took the opportunity to further capitalize on its success. Powerful metrics provided by Google Analytics allowed Liquidum to better understand their users and optimize their apps to be responsive to needs and purchase behaviors.

But the team didn’t stop there. With its billing system, translation ability, testing tools and worldwide scale, Liquidum has found Google Play to be another indispensable part of their workflow. Vahid Ghaffari, Liquidum UI UX Manager, says of their success with Play, “Through Google Play, we’ve received over 15 million installs in the past year alone – far beyond any other store we’ve ever used for app distribution.”

A bright future with AdMob

After just 18 months of partnering with AdMob, Liquidum now publishes apps that are free to download, yet monthly revenue has increased 800%. Beyond financial improvements, AdMob has given users of Liquidum apps more relevant content, providing targeted ads without interrupting the experience, and the business has seen a 98% global fill rate.

With such impressive results, Liquidum plans to continue using Google’s mobile solutions in the future to help them maximize their user base, deliver tailored offers users really want – and, of course, to become a household name worldwide for their elegant and efficient mobile utilities.

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