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Mobile App Developer Business Kit - Section 4

Mobile App Developer Business Kit - Section 4

App Development Business Kit - Key Takeaways

With the App Developer Business Kit from Google AdMob, you’ll be able to craft a successful app strategy and learn about all the strategies and tactics to help turn your app idea into a thriving business. Knowing what apps are out there, choosing the right monetization model and marketing plan, using ad mediation, understanding your user base, and localizing your app are all areas we’ll cover in depth. Let’s get started.

With the Google AdMob Business Kit, you will learn how to build an app business from an idea and grow a global user base. As a quick overview, here are nine key tips to help you jump start your app project.

Nine Takeaways

  1. Ingredients for a successful app: Know who you’re building your app for. Understand trends in app stores to get a sense of what’s popular with users.
  2. App funding: Before building your app, consider all existing costs and anticipate as many future ones as possible. This will steer you towards the type of funding you’ll need.
  3. Building your app: Users love apps that are easy to use with high quality graphics. Regardless of polish, beta test your app with a small group of people willing to give honest feedback.
  4. Choose the right monetization model: This is one of the most important aspects of creating an app. It should be fully considered before you begin development work, and it should be complementary to the app design. Changing monetization models after your app is released can mean significant extra development work and lead to a poor user experience.
  5. Maximize revenue with ad mediation: Ad mediation is an essential tool for many developers. It allows more than one ad network to show ads in your app, creating competition for your ad space, and increasing revenue in the process.
  6. Marketing your app: Browsing app stores is the most common ways users discover new apps. So invest time in your app store listing with a crisp description, great images and a video. Then focus on driving viral downloads by getting great reviews and ratings.
  7. Design for global users: Many users choose to uninstall an app they like because it’s not well localized. Don’t skimp on localizing - when you get it right your app can have far broader appeal and earn you more income.
  8. Optimize for success: Analytics data for your app is useless unless it helps you to take action and improve what you’re doing. Start out by knowing what data is most valuable for you, then choose an analytics package that can give you the insights you need.
  9. Innovate: There’s no easy way to ensure each of your ideas is a hit, but thinking logically about capitalizing on your user base can help. Consider building out a suite of similar apps that build on each others success.

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