Success Story

111 Percent grows eCPMs 28% with AdMob platform and bidding

111 Percent grows eCPMs 28% with AdMob platform and bidding

Founded in 2015 in South Korea, 111 Percent is the publisher behind popular titles such as Random Dice. Players roll the dice and clash with other players in this tower defense strategy game. Launched in 2019, it's now the publisher's most popular title, attracting more than 11 million downloads worldwide with 400K daily active users.

From the start, 111 Percent had been using a mediation solution for Random Dice which generated revenue from both in-app ads (IAA) and in-app purchases (IAP). But managing daily waterfall settings was becoming increasingly time consuming and difficult as their business grew. The team explored alternative solutions, including AdMob bidding, to help them save time and grow ad revenue. They decided to integrate the AdMob platform and use bidding for Random Dice for all global users. Within three months, 111 Percent saw a 28% increase in eCPM and achieved 30% time savings in ads management.

Looking for simplification and growth

In 2020, prominent South Korean developer 111 Percent scored a big hit when they launched their new title, Random Dice, with engaging features such as player versus player (PvP) competition. Random Dice used a hybrid model to generate revenue from IAP and IAA, where in-app ads accounted for 15% of total earnings. The team’s existing waterfall mediation solution had been working fine for the most part except the daily ad management which became too time-consuming and cumbersome. This was due to the time spent on analysis and daily discussions to determine how to optimize setups across their three major markets.

That's when the team decided to learn more about AdMob and its bidding solution. The AdMob network was already the top demand source for 111 Percent, bringing in the majority of their ad revenue. The team hoped the transition would help them simplify workflows, save time with ads management, and potentially increase earnings in Random Dice.

Speedy and straightforward integration

In 2021, the 111 Percent team decided to adopt the AdMob platform and in July, they fully integrated it into Random Dice for all its users globally.

“It was so easy and straightforward to set up,” says Seungwoo (Sam) Yang, Marketing Director at 111 Percent. “There weren’t many obstacles.” The project took only two to three weeks, including testing to make sure that everything was seamlessly integrated.

The team then turned their focus to AdMob’s bidding solution to test if it would significantly reduce the resources required for waterfall management, and whether it would improve ad revenue performance.

In just three months of switching to AdMob, we saw impressive results across both earnings and resource time savings.

Seungwoo (Sam) Yang, Marketing Director, 111 Percent

Bidding delivered higher eCPMs and time savings

Within three months of adopting bidding in Random Dice, 111 Percent saw their eCPM metrics increase by 28%. They also spent a lot less time with ads management. “We no longer need to discuss how to optimize mediation setups, since AdMob bidding automatically chooses the highest-bidding demand source,” says Seungwoo. Overall, the team achieved 30% time savings which they've since reallocated towards game development, improving the user experience, and determining the best monetization strategy for their most recent game, Random Dice: Wars.