Success Story

Eltsoft increases revenue 20x using AdMob interstitials

Eltsoft increases revenue 20x using AdMob interstitials


Jason Byrne and Robert Diem came together to found Eltsoft LLC, a company that builds mobile language learning apps for iOS and Android. Eltsoft’s most popular app, English Grammar, has been downloaded by more than a million people across the globe who want to sharpen their English language skills. Although successful, the company needed help monetizing the free versions of their apps. By implementing rich-media interstitials in AdMob, revenue increased 20-fold.

Learning the language of high-quality interstitial ads

Byrne and Diem started creating a series of fun language learning apps that allow users to study whenever they want, wherever they are. With a blended business model, all of the company’s apps are available for free with ads or as paid versions. The entrepreneurs needed a way to earn a solid, second income, and so began looking for a way to monetize the free versions of their apps. They chose AdMob because of its ability to deliver high-quality, language-relevant ads to their global user base.

A data-driven approach to monetization

Eltsoft first implemented banner ads, and then interstitial ads that appeared in between exercises, quizzes, and other parts of the apps. But once the team incorporated rich-media interstitials in AdMob, revenue increased up to 20-fold overnight.

We started running text, image, and video interstitials in late 2013, and we were amazed - we immediately began generating 10 to 20 times more revenue through AdMob

Jason Byrne, Founder, Eltsoft

Eltsoft has also implemented features of Google Analytics and Google Play. With data from multiple sources available in one place, the team can conduct simple and clear campaign analysis. Analytics provides the team with key usage and revenue data which Eltsoft then uses to adjust its marketing campaigns. Analytics also helps the team with effective localization, which improves user experience. “Google Analytics data is a goldmine. Recently we have made changes to our apps, and Analytics has really helped us track the effectiveness of those changes,” says Byrne.

Building on success with new features

Next, Eltsoft is rolling out a video language-learning app and starting to use video advertising. Additional plans include more sophisticated app promotion and leveraging more features available on the AdMob platform.

“We have great apps and a terrific way to make money on them with AdMob,” Byrne says. “AdMob has been very consistent, so we know we can rely on getting a check in the mail that keeps getting better as we take advantage of new AdMob features. That’s very important to us.”

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