Success Story

Bravolol boosts CPM 10x with Google AdMob interstitial ads

Bravolol boosts CPM 10x with Google AdMob interstitial ads


Founded by Hong Kong mobile app developers Winson Siu and Terry Chu in 2011, Bravolol aims to make learning foreign languages fun and easy, via its smartphone apps. Bravolol offers multilingual dictionary and phrasebook functions for languages including English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Japanese and Korean. Bravolol’s apps have been available free of charge since they were launched, and have already been downloaded by over 30 million users across 200 countries.

Seeking predictable income

As the apps are free, the company relies on in-app advertising to generate revenue. When first choosing a mobile advertising solution, Bravolol sought a platform that would offer high fill rates globally to ensure ads would be served for users worldwide and generate predictable income. Additionally, it was important that the solution support efficient management of ad inventory and offer simple ways to maximize revenue. Given these criteria, Bravolol opted to partner with Google AdMob, one of the world’s leading mobile advertising platforms.

Capturing high fill rates and optimized revenue with AdMob

When Bravolol first switched to AdMob in 2012, the company saw an immediate rise in revenue. AdMob’s high fill rates drove consistent revenue generation while AdMob Mediation enabled ad serving from multiple networks to maximize income. Bravolol also benefited from the link between AdMob and DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP), an ad management solution which allows efficient inventory management.

Interstitial ads drive meaningful boost in revenue

In 2013, the team achieved a quantum leap after introducing interstitial ads: 12 months after implementing interstitial ads, its cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM) had increased tenfold. In addition to revenue performance, the user-friendly platform and comprehensive support built directly into AdMob impressed the team. The Bravolol team is now able to spend less time on ad management and more time focused exclusively on product development.

We can rely on AdMob to serve our ads for maximum revenue,   while we focus our efforts on making the product as good as it can possibly be.

Winson Sui, Co-Founder, Bravolol

Overall, AdMob has revolutionized Bravolol’s prospects. “Combining our large user base with AdMob’s monetization power means we can now be confident about our future revenues,” says Winson. As a result, the company feels comfortable with investing to expand and enhance its language app offering. “AdMob has become an indispensable partner, and I’d recommend it without hesitation to any aspiring app developer,” he concludes.

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