Three reasons to use ad mediation

Three reasons to use ad mediation

What is ad mediation?

Ad mediation empowers you to grow your apps business by driving sustainable revenue for your ad inventory.

As an app monetization solution, mediation helps developers setup, manage, and optimize multiple mobile ad networks with just one Software Development Kit (SDK) integration. Working with multiple advertising sources creates competition for your ad inventory, which in turn grows revenue.

Mediation uses a waterfall setup to prioritize advertising sources, which means each ad unit has a list of preferred ad sources ranked by historical revenue data. If one source does not return an ad, the platform automatically calls the next ad source on the list, to ensure you get the best value for every impression.

Why choose AdMob’s ad mediation platform?

1) Easily enable mediation with just a few lines of code

Once you're using the AdMob network, you can easily expand your advertiser demand to include additional third party networks and grow revenue.

Simply sign up for the third party networks you want to work with and create an ad placement in their user interface (UI). Then, update your mediation settings in the AdMob UI to include that network. Finally, update your app’s codebase to include the ad network’s SDK, and an adapter library that communicates between AdMob and the third party network.

Many of the ad networks supported by AdMob have open-sourced and versioned adapters, so the code can be found in Google’s GitHub repository for iOS and Android. As a result, you can include these adapters into your app with just two lines of code.

2) Maximize your revenue with AdMob’s Ad Network Optimization

AdMob’s Ad Network Optimization feature (ANO) allows you to automatically update your waterfall to make sure your ad units are filled with ads from the highest paying advertisers.

When ANO is enabled, AdMob dynamically rearranges your mediation waterfall so that ads from the networks with the highest effective cost per thousand impressions (eCPM) are served first, generating the most revenue. AdMob refreshes its eCPM information multiple times per day, using your app’s traffic, historical data, and information from third party ad networks to position ad networks in the mediation waterfall.

Ad Network Optimization is enabled for the AdMob Network and uses real-time eCPM data to ensure that Google is competing equally with other demand sources. If another third party network has a higher estimated eCPM than AdMob’s, AdMob will serve ads from the third party instead of its own. With AdMob’s automation of the waterfall positioning, your apps will always serve the ads that deliver the highest revenue. Use these steps to set up ANO for the ad networks you work with. ANO is available for 25 ad networks, and is available on a localized country level for 16 ad networks.

3) Scale your waterfall setup with mediation groups

AdMob mediation supports 30+ third party ad networks so you can work with the best performing networks for your app. Once you’ve established a set of network partners, traditional mediation platforms would require you to create a distinct waterfall for each of your ad units. This model works well for developers with only a few ad units, but can be more involved as the number of ad units increases.

AdMob’s mediation groups provide simplicity and scale for your setup. With mediation groups, you can group ad units by app, theme, or ad type, and dynamically reorder your waterfall for each group. You can then add tens, hundreds, or even thousands of ad units to each group, effortlessly scaling your mediation setup.

Each time you create an ad unit, you no longer have to worry about creating a separate waterfall. You can add it to an existing mediation group to save time and money spent on ad operations.

To create a new mediation group, simply select a group of ad units and a set of rules such as geo-targeting or ad networks and configure your monetization preferences for that group at scale. Check out this AdMob help center article for more information.

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