How developers can maximize app revenue with AdMob mediation

How developers can maximize app revenue with AdMob mediation

Why mediation helps you earn more than network monetization alone

App developers who monetize with ads can combine the AdMob ad network with the power of AdMob mediation to maximize their app revenue.

The AdMob mediation platform lets you expand advertiser demand to include third-party networks. This allows you to drive more competition for your ad inventory and earn even more than working with just one ad network.

In this post, we'll share three key benefits that drive top developers around the world like GameHouse, Playdots, and StickyHands to choose AdMob as their mediation platform.

1) Maximizing ad revenue from any demand source

AdMob mediation can help you build a strong revenue stream, optimizing across the best performing ad formats and network partners for your business. You can work with 30+ major networks via adapters and with 70+ others via custom events. AdMob gives all ad networks fair access to ad inventory, thus ensuring the highest paying network always wins.

In addition to transparent auction dynamics, AdMob mediation offers built-in solutions to help you automate and simplify your monetization strategy:

  • Ad Network Optimization (ANO) dynamically rearranges your waterfall to optimize CPMs for every impression.
  • Mediation groups make it easy to scale your setup across a large number of ad units.
  • AdMob runs on the same infrastructure as Google to provide reliability support that your business can count on.

While mediation can be a strong revenue model, the AdMob team is working on a new solution called bidding to help you earn even more. Bidding lets app advertising sources compete for your ad space in real time to help you max out revenue potential from every impression. Bidding works seamlessly with mediation and will be available in beta this year.

2) Deliver a world-class app experience

Once you've built a great app, long term success depends on the ability to grow revenue while providing a great app experience. That's why AdMob holds all advertiser demand to a high standard, to defend against malware, spoofing, bad content, and more. Here are just a few of the tools that make it easy for you to protect your app:

  • The app-ads.txt solution is a simple and secure way for you to declare who is authorized to sell your inventory, improving transparency for advertisers and maintaining the value of your app's inventory.
  • Ad Review Center lets you see what ads have actually been showing in your app and block specific ads you don't like.
  • Additionally, you can set Ad Content Rating in blocking control settings to ensure that only appropriate ads are served on the basis of your app's target audience.

3) Grow your app business

As you evolve your monetization strategy, consider how it fits in with your long term goals. Whether you're striving for financial independence or a #1 hit app, mediation can help you maximize ad revenue. But depending on the platform you choose, it can also help with retention, engagement, and growing overall app revenue. Here are few ways that only AdMob can help your app business grow:

  • Firebase has a tight integration with AdMob and can give you insight on user behavior, which is essential to optimizing engagement, retention, and most importantly to growing your app revenue.
  • Plus if you want to cross-promote another one of your apps, or work directly with an advertiser, AdMob supports house ads and direct sold campaigns, too.

Ready to try AdMob mediation? If your app has over 100,000 downloads, sign up for a free consultation or talk to your account manager to learn more. You can also get started with mediation directly in your AdMob account.