Success Story

Mindware increases CPM by 600% with AdMob native ads

Mindware increases CPM by 600% with AdMob native ads


Clinical psychologist, Jack Cole, created Mindware to give players games that provided actual cognitive benefits. In a short amount of time, Mindware’s Mind Games app grew to feature over thirty games, was localized to 7 languages, and has been downloaded more than 12M times.

Monetization on the brain

With the growing global popularity of Mindware, Cole and his team looked to monetize their app. Although they first introduced banner ads, Cole’s AdMob account manager encouraged the company to try native ads for a more seamless integration. She explained that native ads could provide a more engaging and less disruptive user experience, which is especially important for an app like Mindware that requires deep concentration.

Experimenting with native ads

Confident in their decision to try native ads, Cole and his team started by creating two native ad units. The first was placed in the app’s frequently visited Games list. The second unit was placed in the app’s main menu and was set to refresh every 60 seconds. To build the second unit, Cole used AdMob Native Ads Express, a tool that enables developers to easily create and implement native ads.

For both units, Cole was careful to use a color scheme, font, and content consistent with the app’s style. This way the ads would match the app’s aesthetic and provide a more cohesive user experience.

The experience with AdMob native ads has been very positive. Native ads look better and helps improve user experience. Customizing the ads on Native Ads Express is very easy and the support from my AdMob account manager was first rate.

Jack Cole, President, Mindware Consulting

Optimizing for a bright future

After integrating native ads as part of its monetization strategy, Mind Games saw results that aligned with its goals. Cole and his team saw a 600% increase in CPM and a 6X increase in CTR. Both figures went beyond their expectations and increased Mind Games’ revenue stream.

Looking ahead, Cole plans to continue to use native ads for Mind Games, testing other placements and customizations in the future.

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