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SmartApps India increases ad revenue 55% with AdMob native ads

SmartApps India increases ad revenue 55% with AdMob native ads


A simple, popular way to manage railway travels

SmartApps India is a one-stop shop for all Indian train travel needs. The mobile app features a simple user interface available on Android and iOS. It provides quick access to travel status and lets users to stay up-to-date on their plans. With a great mobile experience in place, SmartApps India started to grow, and needed a way to drive revenue.

Revenue growth and a seamless experience with native ads

To capitalize on its mass appeal and growing popularity, SmartApps India chose to implement AdMob native ads. To start, the team selected an ad template, customizing the look and feel to match the app’s overall style, then placed ads at various positions in the app.

With native ads the app would maintain its seamless experience while earning a steady revenue stream. According to Mutha, “We decided to implement AdMob native ads primarily because the ads are unobtrusive. They fit in well with the other page content and deliver a better user experience.”

To ensure the ads were optimized for revenue generation, the company checked functionality across devices and OS versions. “We looked to strategically place the native ads by iterating and A/B testing until we got the desired results and CTRs.” says Mutha.

55% increase in ad revenue and improved CTR

Since implementing AdMob native ads CTRs have improved, and have outperformed banner ads to drive a 55% increase in ad revenue. The company also received positive feedback from users about ad appearance.

The native ads from AdMob have been really rewarding and have been easy to set up and customize. They have greatly improved our ad revenue, while also delivering a very good user experience.

Sagar Mutha, Co-Founder, SmartApps India

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