Success Story

AdMob helps Trivia Crack go global — and reach over 125 million users

AdMob helps Trivia Crack go global — and reach over 125 million users


In the competitive mobile gaming industry, Trivia Crack has made a name for itself as one of the most popular games in the Americas. But the app has evolved into more than just an addictive trivia game — it’s also become a powerful advertising platform that reaches millions of users around the world.

Building on early success

Established in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2009, innovative app developer Etermax’s first mobile game app was Aworded, a multiplayer game where the goal is to score as many points as possible by forming words horizontally and diagonally on a board. The game went on to be a huge success, ranking as the most popular app in Spain in 2012 with more than 30 million downloads — or approximately 25,000 per day — and reaching 1.5 million daily active users.

On the heels of Aworded’s success, Etermax wanted to continue making apps in the mobile gaming space, with the goal of reaching new markets around the world. From there, the company also wanted to develop a strategy for monetizing its games while still providing an enjoyable and attractive gaming experience. Its team decided to turn to AdMob to monetize its games without taking away what users loved most: having fun.

Scaling globally with AdMob

After Aworded, Etermax CEO Maximo Cavazzani noticed that there wasn’t a truly addictive trivia game on the market. This realization led to the creation of Trivia Crack, a new twist on the classic trivia game that quickly became extremely popular with Latin American audiences. Today, it’s conquering new markets that the company never dreamed of reaching.

Etermax started to finance Trivia Crack through mobile ads with AdMob. Driven by the ability to include banners and interstitial ads from over a million Google advertisers worldwide, Etermax’s monetization efforts with AdMob helped them show ads worldwide with top fill rates — and increase earnings by almost 50%.

The biggest advantage of AdMob is the volume of advertisements available. AdMob enables us to leverage advertising traffic in any country in the world, any time of day, all year long. With AdMob, we can be sure that we will always be able to turn a profit on our ad spots in mobile devices that connect any part of the world.

Paul Del Pin, Former Director of Sales and Marketing, Etermax

New media outlets, new horizons

Etermax’s growth didn’t stop there. The television industry also started to see Trivia Crack as a new and valuable way of interacting with mobile users who were difficult to reach through TV. Etermax executives saw the opportunity to commercialize the show in different countries, and granted Trivia Crack’s television rights to Televisa, Telefé, one of Argentina’s top TV channels, jumped at the opportunity for the rights, giving Trivia Cracks nearly 3 million mobile Argentine the chance to watch a TV show based on Trivia Crack.

By integrating mobile with a traditional media outlet like television, the app was able to reach 125 million users in 22 different countries. Etermax also used AdMob to transform Trivia Crack into a powerful advertising platform that generated 50% of its revenue through ads. With 800,000 downloads happening every day around the world, Etermax and AdMob built Trivia Crack into nothing short of a global phenomenon.

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