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Linghit Limited doubles ad revenue with AdMob native ads

Linghit Limited doubles ad revenue with AdMob native ads


Hong Kong-based technology company Linghit Limited was founded in 2009. Its mission is to educate people around the world about Chinese culture and its 5,000 year history. The company has over 100 specialized apps with its top apps being Shunli (順曆), Linghit Miaosuan (靈機妙算), and Xiuxingzhe (修行者). To expand into new markets and boost revenue, the company partnered with AdMob and implemented native ad formats. As a result, daily ad exposure grew by 114% and daily ad revenue doubled.

The start of Linghit Limited

Rico Feng, Vice President of Linghit Limited says, “Traditional Chinese culture needs to be passed on in a way that fits with the changing world. With today’s mobile society, we thought it was only natural that we use apps as a way to enjoy traditional culture.”

To share traditional Chinese culture, the company developed Shunli, its Chinese Almanac Calendar app. Users can check the time, date and weather, look up horoscope recommendations, find lucky dates, and take notes. The company also localized its app, making its content relevant to users in all parts of the world by ensuring all dates, weather and customs were accurate for each region.

However, Linghit Limited faced the challenge of expanding Shunli to new markets and boosting its revenue. AdMob was the ideal solution.

A tailored ad experience with Shunli, the Chinese Almanac Calendar App

With a growing user base, Linghit Limited turned to AdMob for monetization. Implementing AdMob’s banner, interstitial, and native ad formats proved successful with ads now accounting for 80% of Linghit Limited’s total revenue. Native ads were especially helpful as they could be tailored to enrich the user experience while increasing earnings. After implementing native ads, the company saw a 114% increase in ad impressions and a 100% increase in daily ad revenue.

Jinnee Lee, Vice President at Linghit Limited, says, “We were easily able to view the effects on user click-through rates in real time based on information from the AdMob backend, which helped us make quick adjustments to the native ad to maximize its effectiveness.”

Optimizing for a bright future

With help from AdMob, Linghit Limited reached more than 100M users in 160 regions. Seeing impressive results, the company is looking forward to improving its apps with Google.

Google makes it easy for us to develop and add new features to our products. We are very happy with what Google AdMob has enabled us to do.

Jinnee Lee, Vice President, Linghit Limited

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