Success Story

Freaking Math powers 2,000% revenue increase with Google AdMob support

Freaking Math powers 2,000% revenue increase with Google AdMob support


Vietnamese indie app developer Nguyen Luong Bang was studying at Vietnam’s University of IT when he created his mobile game app, Freaking Math. This highly addictive game challenges users to quickly solve math problems. Driven by his passion for development, Bang needed a way to monetize his free app and win more users worldwide. He found the answers with AdMob and Google Play.

Identifying the right partner for monetization

AdMob was the ideal revenue generation solution for a number of reasons: ads come in a variety of formats designed to preserve the user experience, reach is global and ads are customizable by location, and AdMob is easy to implement.

Equally important were the support services included with AdMob. The AdMob support team worked with Bang to maximize revenue generated by Freaking Math. They also worked together to enhance the user experience by identifying where to place smart banners, which automatically resize to fit any screen size, and full-screen interstitial ads.

Freaking Math also benefited from its partnership with Google Play. First, Bang and the Google Play store team worked to enhance the app by incorporating Google Play Games Services. Features like the leaderboard encouraged players to compete against each other, which resulted in increased time on the app. As Bang says, “The more time they spend playing, the more opportunity for AdMob to deliver ads.”

Next, the Google Play team helped Bang win more users and promote the app more effectively by improving promotional materials, avoiding excessive keywords in descriptions and tags, and using more impactful images.

Google support powers massive growth in downloads and revenue

The results were impressive: Downloads increased by 2,400% and revenue by 2,000%. Interstitial ads alone doubled revenue. When Freaking Math was featured in the Google Play store, downloads grew again by as much as 25% and the app reached the top 200 charts in many countries.

Support from Google and the resulting revenue changed Bang’s life.

Google’s products and support have given me the opportunity to do what I love and start my own company.

Nguyen Luong Bang, Founder, Freaking Math

Bang now works full-time doing what he loves: Developing mobile apps. His advice to other developers? “See Google as a single source of support to help you maximize revenue.”

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